World Conflicts

Violence is never justified. God gave us free will and with society and free will of course we are going to cause violence. In order to solve violence you kind of need to use violence to do that. You aren’t going to hug them to death. But if you need violence to solve violence you are just causing more violence..and is it okay to use violence to solve anything? yes, and no..  I think Violence will never be justified in the world. Unless the world all came from the same parents and all raised us the same..then we might not have any violence. But that idea is totally unrealistic. Freedom fighters and terrorists, are the same in the way that they both are extremely passionate about what they believe in. They both will do essentially anything to promote, or endorse their belies. How they go on doing it, then separates them into either a freedom fighter, or a terrorist. But everyones idea of “violence” is different! Therefore who are any of us to put a label onto who a person is.


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