History in Photography

-What did the first image ever look like? Black and white, and very fuzzy.

 What was unique about the sun in this image?
- It was on both buildings, which means the sun had moved.

 When was the first image in North America recorded? 1826

-How long was the exposure time? 8 hours…

-What does the word ‘exposure’ mean in this case? How long it took to took the picture.

-What does the word ‘sedate’ mean? Immobilize someone to keep them still, and not moving.

-What was used to ‘sedate’ people so they could sit for long exposures? Dugs, and neck/body braces

-What is a mobile dark room? What were they used for? A dark room that is mobile, moving object that you take photos in. They were used for taking photographs in while traveling around.

 -Who is credited with developing film and reducing exposure time? When was this? George Eastman Kodak

-When was the first hand held camera available? 1888

 -When was the first permanent colour image taken?

 -What came about in the 1920′s… Why was is safer? Flash Bulbs. It is safer because all of the chemicals were so dangerous/explosive. 


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