Fix Me Questions

Chapter 1
1. What does the main character uncover about her brother that causes her to state, “I’m smiling, because for a moment I love my brother again” (pg. 3)?
Aside from the obvious- what does her discovery infer about her brother?  I think she loves him again because she realizes that he cuts too. Which shows that the both of them are in the same boat. They both are depressed, and they both miss their parents. The cuts show that he what they are feeling is mutual. Which means they can relate to each other. This causes her to love him again.

2. Why do you think Rune Michaels uses the example of earthquakes to describe the aftermath of a brother-sister fight? Earthquakes only last for minutes or even seconds. Just like their fight. It goes hard for a couple of minutes. Then calms down. They come and go.

3. The main character states, “I’m broken. But nobody’s trying to fix me.” …
(Question here) She is trying to show that no one cares for her. She is so hurt, and wants someone to realize and care for her. But no one is..


4. Why do you think it could be a bad idea to stay in a house that obviously has history for Brian and the main character?  Everyday in that house they are reminded of their parents. Memories and flashbacks come frequently. It would be harder to forget about specific times when you see the environment where they happened.

5. Why do you think Michaels leaves out the main characters real name, when she easily could have introduced it within the conversation between Aunt Phoebe and Mrs. Foster? I think because she wants us to relate this story t our life somehow. So we can name her ourselves in any way to help us understand the story more.

Chapter 2

1. Why is the following quotation significant to what we are learning about the main character, “They’re real people- they have trains to catch, taxis to hunt down, places to be, things to do. They leave tips… (pg. 13) she is maybe trying to show that she is not a real person, and trying to show that no one has time for simple life because everyone is busy.

2. Predicition: How do you think the main character knows the stranger in the coffee shop? Did she overreact? What do you think she is afraid of? She knows him maybe because she dreams of this man who is always creeping on her. She did not overact because she is genuinly scared of this man. She is afraid of him showing her picture to people, or even she is scared of this man hurting or raping her.

Chapter 3
1. What do you think could have stood out to the main character when she overheard the conversation between the mom and child? Specifically the line that says; “Maybe they like being nice and not hurting people, honey. You know, like we do.” They may look fierce on the outside, but on the inside they are calm, and loving like most humans.


2. Why do you think she feels safe with the elephants close by? Because she knows that they will not judge her, she feels safe, calm and collective with them. She loved the environment she is in.

Chapter 4

1. How can she feel more at home in foreign place? She could continue to self-harm, if that makes her feels more at home.

2. Why do you think there is such specific focus to the elephants? Maybe because when she was younger she had an elephant toy or something, and loved it more than anything.

Chapter 5

1. When Leia finds out that Tina is being hurt she exudes more passion than we are used to seeing with her character, why is this? I think because Leia can almost relate to Tina.

Chapter 6

1. Why does Leia seem so embarassed at the thought of liking Kyle? Because she has never liked anyone before, and she is scared that he will not like her back.


2. Why is the bond between the monkey and Leia so real for her?  I think it is so real because Leia can realte with the monkey so much! They both were stuck in a terrible place, and both wanted out.

Chapter 7

1. Why is Brian so quick to bring Leia needles; when he isn’t the type to do things for her?  I think Brian feels bad for being rude to her so he is trying to make friends with her. 

2. What are 2 symbols you think could represent the major themes or ideas in the novel?

Chapter 8/9
1. What is the explanation behind Leia’s plotting to kill someone? Do you think she is serious? She needs to decide that if the man in the café comes to he zoo, she needs a plan on how to execute her murder.

2. Prediction: Why do you think Leia was keeping the item and hiding it from her brother? She is keeping the item to have the memory fresh in her mind. She is hiding it from Brian because she is embarrassed to still have it.

3. What themes do you think are starting to become consistent within the novel?  I think the theme of abuse. Both Leia and Tina are subjects to abuse.

Chapter 10

1. Why do you think Brian and Leia erased all memory of their parents? By destroying all the items do you think it helps with forgetting? They erased all of the memories of them because maybe the memories they do have with them, are not ones they would like to think about all of the time. By destroying all of their memories of them, they will never have to see or remember anyhting they do not want to.

Chapter 11

1. Explain how you think Leia began to save her own life by fighting for Tinas? Leia is finally standing up for herself and is starting to believe in that she is saying. She is now fighting to save Tina because she knows how Tina feels.

Chapter 12
1. What is shocking about Leia and Eve’s confrontation? She was telling the truth, and is finally being honest for once.

Chapter 13
1. A great deal was uncovered in this chapter? Take a minute to list everything that was unveiled.  I think the mom needed money got money for Leias photos. Leia discovers that her mom drove off the bridge to kill herself. We also know that she lights a candle, and sets a rose on her mothers grave.

2. Do you get the impression that Brian and Leia’s mother knew what their father was doing? I think Leias mother knew everything, just chose not to tell anyone.   

3. Why do you think Michaels writes the novel ensuring the big issues are noted in a subtle and unclear manner? I think she wants to do this because she wants to leave hanging. She wants to really make us think! She made it unclear so that we can realtae to the story better.

Chapter 14/15

1. Prediction; What do you think is going to happen to Leia now? I think Leia is going to end up happy, and is going to be with Luke.


2. What has Leia learned about who she is because of her connection to the elephants skin? She is now strong, and can withstand pain.

3. How does the final statement relate back to the comparison to the elephants; “Inside there’s Leia. Outside there’s me.”

4. Why doesn’t Michaels ever mention Leia’s real name? Because she wants us to put a name on her so we can relate our own lives to the book.


One thought on “Fix Me Questions

  1. Hey bud, I would like to see a little more thought put into some of your responses.
    Also, please be sure to never start a sentence with And, So, Then, But or Because.
    You make a lot of great claims but I feel that you fall short in explaining them.

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