Second Hand Lions

Secondhand Lions

1.  Put yourself in Walter shoes at the beginning of the movie.  How would you feel about your mom?  Would you believe her?  Is the really trying to keep the family together? Is she coming back in a couple weeks/months? (4) I would feel like my mom doesn’t truly love me, and she is just leaving me to please herself and not others! She is not trying to keep the family together, she is just trying to get money and continue to please herself. I honestly don’t know if she is going to come back! Maybe she is just leaving him forever.


2.  At the beginning of the movie it is evident that Walter does have a lot of self-esteem and isn’t overly happy with his life.  How do we, the viewers, know this? (list two specific examples and explain) (2) he has a low self esteem because he doesn’t look proud, or confident. He isn’t happy with his life because he has no idea where he is going or who his real “family” is. You can tell that he in not confident because i think it is obvious that he has more on his mind, but he does not voice his opinion because he scared of rejection.


3.  What happens in the movie to show the viewer that Walter is starting to build up his confidence and feel a sense of belonging? Explain how you know this (2) He begins to voice his opinion and is confident with what he has to say, He starts to speak with conviction, and in his words you can tell that he cares about what he has to say, when before he seemed hesitant about it all. His body language is also more present in every situation, which before he would always slouch, and almost disappear,


4.  How does Walter help his uncles? (1) He helps his uncles by teaching them how to take care of themselves in a healthy way, by what they should eat and how to stay away from danger. He also helps his uncles to open up their hearts, and he teaches them how to let other people into their lives in a postive way. The two uncles also are taught how to live a good life, and to live without a care in the world.


5. How are Walter and the lion similar? (2) The lion and Walter are similar because they both were brought to a place foreign place out of their will. They both show up at some random location, and at first do not like it. They both are calm, and do not freak out when dealt with new situations. They then soon to grow to love their new so called home.





6. At the end of the movie the writers use a double entendre to end the movie on a powerful note.  What is a double entrendre?  How is it used in the movie?  How does it allow the movie to have a powerful ending?(5) The double entendre was used is that they said that me men lived, but they also really lived. They are saying that they lived a happy life, made good/bad choices, loved, laughed, cried and had a damn good time. It makes the ending more powerful because it gets you thinking, and it shows that these men did more than just live and passive life. It makes it more relevant that they did live a good life, when they double entendre was used.


7.  Why do you think the movie is titled Secondhand Lion? Be sure to support your answer (2) I think this title means that the lion was not the owners first priority. Which is why he allowed it to be shipped to Walters uncle’s farm. This also strongly applies to Walter, he wasn’t his mothers first priority, which is why she sent him to his great Uncles.  Walter, and the lion are both referred to as second hand options.


8(3) Walter learned to be a strong, confident, carefree boy from his uncles. By watching his uncles demonstrate a strong, heart filled attitude toward every situation showed Walter that, that is how he should grow to be. He also learned that you need to live for something. Near the end of the movie Walter was a confident boy, who could voice his opinion, and could voice his opinion without being scared of what others would think.


9. Walter is a dynamic character in that he changes and grows as the story progresses.  Write a well-developed paragraph showing how Walter grows throughout the story. (10) At the beginning of the story Walter carries himself as if he is trying to fly under the radar. He looks, and acts like he has a very passive personality. When he arrives at his uncles home he still is passive, but he is so oblivious to his surroundings. He thinks everyone has a television and up to date technology, and when his uncles do not, he acts like they are so out of the loop. After a couple of days pass, Walter begins to understand how his uncles live in their surroundings. He is getting more comfortable, and begins to get into his own little habits around the farm. Near the end he is 100% involved in the daily life on the farm. He is speaking his mind, and is courageous. Walter begins to back up his uncles, and starts to learn about their past! Walter is so interested in his uncle’s childhood, he will do anything so know what happened next. This goes to show that he is developing into a young man, who is passionate about his beliefs!

10. What does Walter have in common with Leia from Fix Me? (3) Walter and Leia both are not really loved by their parents, they both have low self esteem and are quite. They two both go to places where they begin to break out of their shell and grow to be courageous characters. They both go to places where they at first are really scared about, but soon learn to problem solve, and continue to become leaders in their stories.  The two characters also do not truly understand, or know their parents.






11. What do the Lions have in common with Leia from Fix Me? (3) The lion and Leia both have passive characteristics. Leia and the lion are also are at two places with completely different surroundings than what they are used to.  The lion is shy, but I think has a strong heart inside and is truly passionate about something, as for Leia.  Leia must have so much anger inside that she could take out on anyone and anytime, but chooses not too, same for the Lion.

To answer after we are done reading FIX Me by Rune Michaels:

12. What do the Lions offer Walter that the monkey offers Leia? List as many similarities between the relationships as you can come up with (6)

They both offer comfort to each other

They both are in the same situation that they are in new surroundings unexpectedly.

They both need to adapt to the new life they are brought into, physically, and mentally.

They both need to set aside their feelings, and focus on trying to fit in, in their new homes.

They both are upset, and very confused

They both were to loved to the full potential that their guardians could obtain.


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  1. Well done Justin!
    Remember to write in detail when responding so people know exactly what you are answering. You should always imply that the person marking the question does not indeed know the question itself. Be specific. You have a few grammatical issues but all in all this is a 88%+

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