Warren Pryor

Warren Pryor SEPT 6TH 2013

I think the speaker of this poem would be an elderly lady who taught this boy in school. She has seen this boy in school and understands what he is feeling.

Imagery would be – The two lines that paint the biggest image in my mind would have to be “slender scroll” (6) I visualize a diploma being handed to him. This diploma ends all of the years working hard to do his best.  It his is “passport”(7) to freedom in a sense.  It also symbolized his way out to continue with his life.

What is the subject? The subject I think is perseverance.  He is doing what his parents want him to do. He is sticking through it to make his mom and dad proud, even though it is not what he wants to do.

The tone would be – serious, patience, and anger. He is calm while reading this poem.

What is the theme? Stick to where you heart goes. Don’t let anyone make you do something your heart does not desire. His desire was to stay on the farm and help his parents, but was forced to go to school and leave his family farm.


What is the mood – After reading this poem I felt anger, and frustration. I felt anger because of what his parents made him do. They thought it would benefit him when it really didn’t. Of course the education was beneficial to him, but not to what he loved to do.  I felt frustration because I feel like he could have just told his parents what he truly wanted, but didn’t because he didn’t want to make them upset. Which also made me feel unconditional love.

Point of view – I think it would be third person limited.

The boy actually misses working on the farm. He is a bear in a cage trying to get out. He is almost going insane in his mind because this is not where he loves to be. His hard work did give him results, but not the results he almost was hoping for. He is a strong man who is not able to use it to his best ability.  He is furious in his new lifestyle. He is constantly trying to make his parents happy. If he goes back to the farm his parents would think that he failed them because they put so much into his schooling and he wasted it. Even though it’s not what he truly loves to do.

Justin Hauber



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