TKA – review

Themes  – good and bad (pure and evil) innocence. Scout is innocent and is learning what is good and what is bad. Walter Cunningham eating syrup., and scout judging him.  – morality, your morals and your world views. Atticus teaches scout and/jem to take the case as well as many other important lessons. Don’t be a hypocrite is what he tells them.  Social Inequality, the rich, middle class, poor, then the “blacks.” What is the right thing to do?!

Motifs are recurring structures.


World Conflicts

Violence is never justified. God gave us free will and with society and free will of course we are going to cause violence. In order to solve violence you kind of need to use violence to do that. You aren’t going to hug them to death. But if you need violence to solve violence you are just causing more violence..and is it okay to use violence to solve anything? yes, and no..  I think Violence will never be justified in the world. Unless the world all came from the same parents and all raised us the same..then we might not have any violence. But that idea is totally unrealistic. Freedom fighters and terrorists, are the same in the way that they both are extremely passionate about what they believe in. They both will do essentially anything to promote, or endorse their belies. How they go on doing it, then separates them into either a freedom fighter, or a terrorist. But everyones idea of “violence” is different! Therefore who are any of us to put a label onto who a person is.

Global Dignity Day

Today we had another great VC conference for Global Dignity Day! I loved hearing the one girls poem, it filled me with imagery. The child soldier was full of courage and conviction! Gave me and others chills the way he explained his past. WOW. I also enjoyed going through the trending hash-tags on Twitter to see what other kids thought about it and what their perspective on it was! Loving the twitter addition and cant for more VC’S to come!

Response: Shaving by Leslie Norris

This is a free write about my thoughts and feeling about this story.

Has gotten jumped previosuly. He is now full of muscle and is big and solid built. He now likes to take walks by himself. He has gotten over his bad past. Great athlete who all of the girls fan boy over.  Sue is curious about him, in a good way. Jackie and Sue are nice to him, maybe sucking up to him. HIs father is ill, maybe or old with a sickness. His father is almost a vegetable now. Still curious to know about Berries’ sports career.  His father is unable to move, and has trouble breathing. His dad continues to talk to him about the big game. His father is glad that he did well at the game. His mom tell berry that his dad is depressed, and feels dirty because of his stubtle. HIs father must have OCD. His mother says everything must be perfect. I predict that Berry will shave his dad, because he truly wants to help him. Maybe the term shaving applies to how Berry shaved his bad past away… Berry is kind, but has something bothering him because it seems as if he never really goes out and has a good time with all of his friends. He is a big man, and maybe he does not like that about himself because he comes across as scary or intimidating. When really he is extremely polite, due to always having to take care of his father. I like how Berry is not arrogant, and does not boast about his victory. Instead he choses to go home and help his father and mother. You can tell he is very down to earth and has a broader view of the world. As he proceeds to shave his father he is being ever so careful to make sure everything is perfect.  Berry used to love the smell of his father shaving cream. He loved watching his heathy father shave in the morning. I think Berry gained his father leadership presence. I kind of think Berry and his family have ocd. It seems as if everything needs to be perfect. This story of full of imagery, and is very descriptive.  His father is very calm. As he proceeds to shave him so far everything is going perfect. His neck is so vulnerable at this moment, I am nervous that he is going to cut him. They make his throat sound so vulnerable is because Leslie is trying to show s that is life is so precious, and vulnerable! Berry knows his dad will die soon. They compared his fathers life to the sun light, bright but will end soon.  His father had full trust in Berry and knows that he is going to look after things after he passes. Barry did shave his father and did a great job. I think his father was in a bad car accident when he was driving his son to rugby. The significance of the shaving is because it shows how much trust hie father has to have in his son. This is love at its finest.