Gandhi Questions


1) Where did Gandhi famously march to? Why? He marched to the village to the sea to gather salt. He took salt and claimed it, he drew a lot of attention to himself. 

2) What law was Gandhi openly defining?  He was breaking the britsh salt law

3) Why were 100,000 people sent to jail? They were selling salt illegaly. Even though it was their own salt…

4) Who did India want independence from? Explain what imperialism is in your own words. The British law, people, and control. They wanted to be separated from them. Imperialism is a stronger nation, dominates their ideas over them. Including, wealth, resrouces, and mind set.

5) What is ahimsa? Explain why Gandhi was an advocate for ahimsa? Non-violence. Gandhi wanted them to take all of the pain they would get. Just take it peacfully, and understand that what they are doing to you is wrong. Its going to hurt either way is the idea he has behind it.

6) List 4 religions that Gandhi ‘practiced’ or supported? Why do you think Gandhi speaking positively about so many religions was good for his campaign and popularity? Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity. 

7) Complete the following sentence; “the spirit of non-violence sprang from…..” What do you think this means? Inner realization being spiritual with yourself.

8) What is Satyagraha? What were its two goals?
(If you have to look this up elsewhere to ensure it makes sense for you- please do that.) Their main fighting tactic towards the British.

9) When did India become independent? 1947

10) What happened on the eve of India’s independence? Things got crazy, people were rioting. Hindus and the Muslims where fighting.

11) Do you think what Gandhi did was honorable and just? Do you think he could have accomplished the same or better by working through violence?

12) What movement in the U.S.A. was inspired by Gandhi’s work? The civil rights movent. Mlk 



13) Do some additional research, How long did Gandhi fast for? Why did he fast? What did it accomplish? 21 days, he farted to show that he was legit.

14) Do some additional research, What happened to Gandhi? How did he die? Someone shot him point blank.



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