Current Event


Ariel Castro kidnapped three girls in Cleveland and continued to torture, beat, and rape them for almost a decade.  The three girls have tried to get help numerous times. Each girl was in a separate room tied down by chains and sometime they would be brought together. Castro impregnated one of the girls several times.  Castro would then force the girl to kill her baby, or would kill it himself by beating the girl. The girls finally escaped and were taken to hospital. Castro was taken to jail and charged with a life sentence plus one thousand years. Castro was recently found in his cell hanging from a bed sheet. He couldn’t take what he had dished out for nearly a decade.

Human Rights that were broken

No one has the right to hurt you or to torture you – obviously these girls were hurt, and tortured in Castro’s house. They found torture chambers where the girls were held captive.

No one has the right to imprison you or expelyou from your own country  – these girls were highly isolated and imprisoned within his four walls.  They basically lost all of their teenage years because they were taken away. (Expelled)

Everyone has the right to go to school. –  These girls were taken away for a decade! They lost all schooling they had right in front of them! Its not that they broke those rules themselves, Castro took them away.

Everyone has the right to share in his or her community’s cultural life.  – if you were gone for nearly 10 years you would miss out on so many community events! The man that kidnapped these girls pretty much disabled them from being able to participate in this.

I think a good way to prevent things like this ever happening again would be to increase the awareness of people in every community that things like this can happen.  Also they should start a “neighborhood watch” system. Some towns already do this, but some could also take part.  Or someone could start going town to town with a group of people that talks to members of the community about ways to help people with tips on how to look for suspects. Also to teach them on how to look for suspicious body language.



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