Report Card for the Planet

Life Expectancy ; increasing , it is a good thing because we get to live longer, bad thing is there will be more people, and we could use all of our resources.

Total fertility rate; decreasing, because we are more educated, and we now have easier ways to prevent it. this is a good thing because our generation is going to live longer, so we do not need to have more kids.

Child Morality rate ;  decreased,  because we are smatter, stronger, and we have more ways to easily prevent it. its is good if people think we are over populated, bad if people want a higher population.

Population growth; decreased, we are now levelling off our graph.

Urban Population ; increasing, because more jobs, more houses, all due to more immigrants.

Birth/ death rates ; decreasing goos thing cause it leads to a more stable population.

Median Age ; growing, because off all of the baby boomers.

Co2 emissions ; increasing, bad thing

Atmospheric concentration of c02 ; increasing, more cars, more pollution, bad thing.

Number of cars in the world ; decreasing, more people, so we need more cars. bad thing, more traffic, more co2 emission.

Meat consumption, and livestock population ; increasing, we are breading more cattle.

Paper, and paperboard consumption ; increase, about decreasing, because we have less trees, also we now have more technology.

dead zone; increasing, bad thing cause it kills things

ecological footprint ; increasing, we are using more resources.

Chronic water shortages ; decreasing because we are using it

average years of school ; increasing, more educated, more jobs, we are passionate about things thats require school

internet use ; increasing, more technology, more sights, more apps that are interested in using

mobile cell plans ; increasing, more phones, more options, we need them to communicate

lifetime risk of maternal death ; decreasing, we have more ways to fight against it.

access to improved water ; increasing, we have better, more efficient ways to get clean water.

prevalence of undernutrition ; decreasing,  because there are more organizations with providing people with food.

Childhood immunizations ; increasing, because there are easier ways to get it

wealth gap ; increasing, rich and richer, poop is pooooooorrr’

arable land per person ; decreasing, people are buying out other peoples land

world fertilizer consumption ; increasing, more land, more places that need it.

women in political leadership ; increasing, just more open and accepting.


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