Current Events

North / south korea (kim jong un) nuclear threats

JFK anniversary (cold war)

Gay rights ban in sochi/putin

cattle deaths (1000,000’s died)

Canadian Cancer cure (not available yet)

Philipines natural disasters  (hurricane sandy)

boston marathon 

Movie shooting

School shootings 

Kenya Mall 

Snow in egypt

Nelson Mandela

14,000 flights delayed

Joseph Kony

Media Inluences (miley cyrus) (macklemore)

More universes (water on different planets)

mars 1 



civil war in seryia

wicki leaks

nobel peace prize 

north west, and blue

government shut down 


History in Photography

-What did the first image ever look like? Black and white, and very fuzzy.

 What was unique about the sun in this image?
- It was on both buildings, which means the sun had moved.

 When was the first image in North America recorded? 1826

-How long was the exposure time? 8 hours…

-What does the word ‘exposure’ mean in this case? How long it took to took the picture.

-What does the word ‘sedate’ mean? Immobilize someone to keep them still, and not moving.

-What was used to ‘sedate’ people so they could sit for long exposures? Dugs, and neck/body braces

-What is a mobile dark room? What were they used for? A dark room that is mobile, moving object that you take photos in. They were used for taking photographs in while traveling around.

 -Who is credited with developing film and reducing exposure time? When was this? George Eastman Kodak

-When was the first hand held camera available? 1888

 -When was the first permanent colour image taken?

 -What came about in the 1920′s… Why was is safer? Flash Bulbs. It is safer because all of the chemicals were so dangerous/explosive.